Bilour negates what ANP always stood for

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour owes an apology to colleague Mian Iftikhar Hussain.
Both come from the Awami National Party that is proud of inheriting Bacha Khan’s ideology.
As KPK information minister Hussain fights on many fronts. He is the face of provincial government and a priority target of militants. His sacrifices are beyond doubt. Last year, suspected militants killed his only son.
Bilour also owes an apology to his younger brother, another KPK minister, who has so far survived two attempts on his life.
Where family members, friends and supporters face dire threats from Pakistani Taliban and al-Qaeda, Bilour requested the same forces to kill a blasphemer.
After his bizarre announcement of $ 1 million bounty to anyone who assassinates Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Taliban Shura removed Ghulam Bilour’s name from the hit-list. He is no more member of that privileged club.
As minister he has headed Pakistan Railways to insolvency, but holds his predecessors responsible for the mess. Now his abrupt departure from ANP’s philosophy of non-violence raises critical questions. Would he be expelled or admonished or spared?
PS: Election Commission’s decision of declaring, at least 10 percent of, women’s vote mandatory in the elections must have agonized the political elders of Kohistan district.