Fatwa Fears

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At least 200 recognized clerics of Pakistan recently issued a landmark declaration denouncing individual clerics giving fatwas that go as far as calling people apostates. At a conference coordinated by Maulana Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi in Lahore, they said suicide attacks were un-Islamic and terrorists who were killed by the security forces were not martyrs. But … [Read more…]

Divided we stand

Shahzad Raza's Blog

By Shahzad Raza   Chaudhry Shahzad talks the way he drives: fast and with little regard for stop signs. And while he drives, his favourite topic of conversation is  Pakistani politics. A Washington DC taxi driver by profession, he proudly tells his customers that he is the secretary general of Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Virginia Chapter. … [Read more…]


Shahzad Raza's Blog

  It is a cold and windy morning. Roy arrives at the Apple Store at 5:00 am, hoping against hope that he’ll be the first person in the queue. But more than 25 iPad fanatics already standing patiently in line vanquish his dreams as soon as he turns onto Washington DC’s Wisconsin Avenue, where the … [Read more…]